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BreastScreen survey for women aged 70 years and over

Project and survey information

Nous Group, on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Health, is seeking your feedback via an online survey to better understand the views and experiences of women aged 70 years and over who use BreastScreen services across Australia.

The introduction below contains detailed information about the project, to ensure you are happy to participate.

Your consent

You are being invited to take part in a research project reviewing the BreastScreen Australia program’s change to actively inviting women aged 70 – 74 years. You are being invited due to your experience as:
  • a client of a BreastScreen service (i.e. a woman who has had a breast screen) and,
  • a woman aged 70 years or over.
The information below describes the research project. Its purpose is to clearly explain what is involved in this project so you can make an informed decision about whether you would like to participate.

Your participation in this research will involve answering 10 short questions in an online survey.  This will take less than 15 minutes to complete.

Please note that participation in this research project is not compulsory and will not affect your future screens with BreastScreen. You may stop or withdraw at any time.

If you agree to complete the survey, you will be asked to provide your consent before answering the survey questions.

We welcome any questions you may have about this survey. You can contact a Nous team member at
Possible Benefits
The survey questions will give you the opportunity to provide your opinion, experiences or stories about the BreastScreen program. 

Your feedback may influence and improve how the BreastScreen program and service is delivered in the future. 
Participation is optional
You may choose to withdraw your consent to participate at any time and ask for your data to be removed. This will be possible up until the time of data analysis when the data will be de-identified.

You will be notified if new information arises which may be relevant to your willingness to participate.

Should you have any concerns while you are completing the survey or afterwards, the Nous research team will make sure that you are provided with the contact details of an appropriate health professional. You may ask these contact details at any time if you feel you need support.
Confidentiality and disclosure of information
Any information you provide as part of this project which may identify you will remain confidential.  This information can only be shared with your permission, except as required by law.  All personal information will be separated from the answers received and de-identified. Your contact details will then be removed from any project records.
Results of the research project
The final report of the project will be published by the Australian Government Department of Health via their website.
Further information or questions
If you require further information or have any problems concerning this project, you can contact the Associate Researcher, Hilary Bush at (03) 7002 3115 or
Other issues
If you have any concerns or complaints on the ethical conduct of this project, please contact the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Ethics Committee Secretariat at

If you have any concerns or complaints on the way the project is conducted, or any questions about your rights as a participant, please contact the Australian Department of Health at
Ethical guidelines
This project will be carried out according to the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research 2007 (Updated May 2015) as issued by the National Health and Medical Research Council. The National Statement provides the guidelines by which the Department of Health Human Research Ethics Committee and other Human Research Ethics Committees operate.

Download this introductory information

You can download a copy of the introductory information provided at the beginning of this survey here.

Do you consent to taking part in this survey?

*This question is required.By providing consent, you are acknowledging that you understand the information outlined in this introduction and that you give your consent to take part in this survey. Only provide consent once you have had a chance to ask your questions and have received satisfactory answers. 
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